Friday, 9 January 2015

Day-9: Red Base

Hello friends,
For today's Red Base challenge, I present you my Bubble Stream Nails.

I know they are a kind of boring but today I didn't have any time to spare because nowadays there is a lot of work in office and my children's school time has also caused a lot of havoc, so I came up with this one because I found it the most easy and time saving nail art and I didn't want to skip ANY nail art from this challenge....

Anyway lets keep our thinking positive, so after doing this nail art, it was looking as if it is inspired from a Coca Cola bottle label... 

For this nail art:
  • First I made a bright red base with Purple Professional Sugar Summer On fire 82.
  • Then I stamped the image from W213 using Konad White nail polish and thats it....

Thanks everyone and please comment if U like it...;)

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