Friday, 2 January 2015

Day-3: Water Spotting

Hello buddies,
for today's challenge, Day-3:Water Spotting, I'm posting my Water Spotted Nails.

water spotted nails 

I tried this technique for the first time and after completing it I felt that this nail art was giving the perfect marble effect which I was trying to get from a long time.

Observe the marble effect

For this nail art I used two coats of Uma Nail Polish (The Power Of Uma) as a base. Now for the spotting, I took a little water in a container and then I put two drops of Maybelline Color Show (Porcelain Party 102) so that the white polish spreads and forms a layer over water. 
Then I sprayed a single spray of a hair spray (you can use a similar product like acetone, hand sanitizer, body mist, etc.) over the polish layer to get a burned out effect. Then choose the best spot and simply submerge your nail in the water over that spot to get a water spotted design. repeat with all nails.

Thank You very much and please comment ;]


  1. Real marble, You painted with pretty colours :) I also tried this technique first. My spots are not circular, but I do not know why? I followed the tutorial steps... but my manicure looks like a bean pods :))))))

    1. Thanks Szilvia A. I think only the distance from which we spray matters, I also had the same problem but then I tried spraying from a greater distance and it worked ! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you dear theriteofagingearly...<3

  3. Nice marble effect, the colours worked great together.

  4. I'm behind on my prompts, but your mani is making me want to try this technique asap. It looks so nice and you picked a good color scheme too.