Copper And Wool : The Digit-al Dozen Day : 2

Greetings to All!
It's my Second day on the stunning 7th Anniversary of The Digit-al Dozen, regarded as the unique "Wool and Copper".
For Day Two, I used another beautiful Copper polish; the BarryM Nail Paint-Aquarium Collection 4, a shimmer base. I bought this years ago, and I'm using it only the second time! 
Here is how it looks-

Digit-al Dozen Day : 2

I used the pleasing black of Mundo De Unhas black 2, for stamping. 

The stamping plate is Lina Twirls and Swirls 02.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Gorgeous mani. I loved that Barry M set :-D

  2. That Barry M is gorgeous. I miss their polishes! I used to get them from us sellers!

  3. The base is stunning and I love how your stamping is so flawless ♡♡


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