Monday, 17 July 2017

The Digital Dozen : 5 Days 5 Continents - Day 5

Today is the final day of The Digital Dozen's theme '5 Days 5 Continents', and for this final day, the continent I chose was Asia.

Some of the most popular cultures, arts and different traditional techniques originated from this continent, one of them being Yoga, the most popular technique to achieve inner peace, and the other being Lord Buddha.
On the other two fingers I made of Lord Krishna, one of the idols that people from all over the world worship, and a decorative lantern used to decorate the houses. Have a look:

I prepared the base by stamping the spiral image(from Gogo Only plate) over an orange Zoya base. The other images are stamped using Mundo de Unas Black Stamping polish..

So that was it about the theme Continents! I hope The Digital Dozen comes up with another interesting theme next month. What do you think about Asia? Tell me in the comments!

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