Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Digital Dozen - May B'day Manicure

Hello guys
For this month we got quite a complicated image, but, the more challenging it is, the more interesting it becomes to create a nail design based on the image. Cheyenne gave us an image full of abstract/ somewhat geometrical transparent and colorful flowers. Scroll down for the tutorial on how I achieved this look, but first have a look at the mani:

This mani looks complicated but believe me it is one of the simplest manis ever. With this technique you could replicate an exact copy of any image on your nails. What you need is a printout of the required image from an inkjet printer(preferably on a gloss paper). Apply a coat of topcoat on it and let it dry completely. Apply a black base(I used Dance Legend Margarita) on your nails and use the printout as a water decal!

Thank you for reading this post. What do you think about this technique? Tell me in the comments!!


  1. WOW I'd love to see a tutorial for how you did this 💜

    1. Thanks Hun.I didn't do tutorial, but it's easy. take the print of image on glossy paper through Ink Jet Printer. apply top coat over the image and use it just like a slide water decale. you can watch simplynailogical tutorial for the same.