Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Digital Dozen - Rainforest: Day 3

Hello friends
If you have seen my last two manis for this theme, you must have realised that they were typical forest manis with lots of green and trees everywhere, and so for my third nail art in this theme I've tried to do something different. This time I've tried to depict a poisonous snake slithering on the branches of trees in a dense forest. Have a look:

I've used modelling clay to make the body of the snake and misc. cream polishes to make the stripe on it. For the background, I've used Dance Legend Military Collection Tank as the base and made a freehand forest on it.

I hope you like this post.What do you think about this nail art? Please share your views with me in the comments section...Have a nice day!☺


  1. This is so amazing! It would be a fun project also to do something like this with a child - help them create both a nail art background and small toys of clay to go with it!

  2. I saw this on IG and I just had to come see how you did the snake!

  3. You did a great job with this! I love that you made the stake too and didn't just utilize something you had. I really loved all the manis from this prompt.

  4. WOW, it's really good! You do have some great artistic skills.