Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Digital Dozen : Redoes Art : Day 4

Hi buddies
Thank you for such a great response on my previous post! For the fourth day I have selected something very special to me, it is a tree made by my younger son using pistachio shells. He tried his level best to create something good out of waste material and I really likes his creativity, so I tried my level best to recreate it. I have used some sesame seeds which I painted green to replace the pistachio shells. I have also tried the amazing Parrot Polish solar color changing nail polish. Its truly mesmerising. The effect is so quick and strong and the transition takes place in few seconds! I'll be posting a review for the same along with some other Parrot Polishes David sent me(thanks David!)

Parrot Polish Plink color shift effect

For the base I applied two coats of Parrot Polish Plink which changes to pink in sunlight(UV response) over a coat of Azature Faint White. A white base is required because Plink is quite sheer. For the tree trunk I used Cello Marky permanent pens and for the leaves I used Nubar polishes to paint the sesame seeds green. I haven't used any top coat for this mani.

 Thank you everyone for reading this post and please tell me if you like it!☺ 


  1. love this and all the inspiring colors, nail art is my favourite as i have healthy nails! i keep mine fit by applying garlic on them. i would love to get these awesome colors of nail paint.

  2. Aww the inspiration behind this is so cute!! The manicure is beautiful too!

  3. Wow...What a manicure. Like son like mumma...<3