Saturday, 31 December 2016

Ostar Rose Gold Chrome Powder Review and Swatches...


Hi lovelies..
So this is my third post for Ostar Chrome and Mirror powders review. In this post I will review the most awaited chrome powder in the whole collection-Rose Gold.
Depending on which brand you are using, the strength of the mirror or chrome effect may vary. I've come across many brands and the one I found most amazing and reliable is Ostar.

Ostar is a Taiwan based company with a wide range of products, from gel nail accessories to UV/LED lamps, makeup kits, brushes and many more. You can find the site details and contact at the end of the post. Ostar offers three types of mirror powders, chrome, holographic and mirror powders. In short, the best brand to satisfy your addiction to mirror powders!

If you want to know what all I received in the review parcel you can refer to my previous post.

For the ones who don't know how to apply mirror powders, you can read the detailed instruction manual for different instruction for each type of powder. Here are my instructions for applying mirror or chrome powders. I personally prefer to use the broad end of the silicon tool for an easy application and rub repeatedly with light pressure and in a single direction for a great finish.

There was no such shade with a name "Rose Gold" on their website but initially only an 'unnamed' shade was displayed on their page, so quite obviously people were very curious to see the shade. Rose Gold is a subtle blend of light rose pink that gradually gradients to gold/bronze and finally to a greenish gold. There are two version of the same shade, my pics here are on a black base, but if you want a more pink color then you can apply this on a white base!

The effect lies between typical chrome effect and a mirror finish. Be very careful while applying the base coat because even a small bump/dent will be easily visible after applying the powder.

Contact Ostar Here:
Their website(under maintenance, so you can buy from here )
Their Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you everyone for reading this post, please comment and stay tuned for more on Ostar Chameleon Mirror Powders!☺

*P.S. The powders and other products were sent to me for review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion..


  1. Wow! What a stunning chrome powder. Rose Gold is one of my favorite metallics. I bet this is a great base for nail art too! <3 Wonderful review Uma! Happy New Year!

  2. I have to go to your other post and read your directions. I have never seen anything like this. I'm a real fan of rose gold anything.

  3. I still haven't tried using the chrome pigments but I definitely need to!