Thursday, 8 December 2016

Born Pretty Black Soak Off One-Step Gel Polish Review and Swatches

Hi everybody
Today I'll be reviewing a product which we all were waiting for, 1-step gel polish to save us from all the worries of applying base and top coats and curing your nails again and again.

Born Pretty 1-Step Gel Polish combines the gel base coat, color and top coat in a single bottle so that you can get a complete gel manicure by curing under the LED or UV-lamp just once, and all these features under $3.29(10 ml)! I've been wearing this shade for about past 4 days and there are no signs of peeling or chipping even on the free edge of the nail. The shade is pure black, and is super glossy. 

At last I can conclude that this polish has a good durability and provides excellent gloss effect, and needs no base or top coat. It is fully opaque in two coats and cures under a UV-lamp in 30sec. So it is a good buy considering the low price and ease of application. You can get yours here! You can use the code: UMAQ10 for an additional 10% discount.

Thank you for reading this post! Have a nice day!☺

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  1. Ummm.. I am not really sure about this color, i feel it would be better to go for much lighter and brighter colors.. 'Black nail polish kinda freaks me out.