Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ostar Chameleon Mirror Powders - Midnight Blue and Forest Fairy Review and Swatches..

Hi beauties..
You all must have come across the latest trend in the nail world, that is the latest mirror powder trend. A mirror powder(which can be chrome, holographic, etc) is a powder which applied on a gel base forms a super reflective layer on your nail. Depending on which brand you are using, the strength of the mirror or chrome effect may vary. I've come across many brands and the one I found most amazing and reliable is Ostar.

Ostar is a Taiwan based company with a wide range of products, from gel nail accessories to UV/LED lamps, makeup kits, brushes and many more. You can find the site details and contact at the end of the post. Ostar offers three types of mirror powders, chrome, holographic and mirror powders. In short, the best brand to satisfy your addiction to mirror powders!

I recently received a parcel for review from Ostar containing a double sided silicon tool, a gel mirror base coat, Super Shining top coat, 3 double sided applicators, a detailed instruction manual, and 11 powders - 5 Chameleon chrome powders, 2 Holographic powders, 3 mirror powders and a Rose Gold powder. One of the Holographic powder was sent to me in an adorable small box. I'll be reviewing two of them in a post so that I am able to give ample of photos for each powder and the post doesn't become too heavy..

For the ones who don't know how to apply mirror powders, you can read the detailed instruction manual for different instruction for each type of powder. I'll also post a video tutorial for the same in my next post. I personally prefer to use the broad end of the silicon tool for an easy application and a great finish. Basic Instructions:

1.) Clean up and prepare your nails for gel polish application and pay special attention for pushing and cleaning the cuticles otherwise the powder won't last long.

2.) Apply a base coat and cure in UV/LED lamp and then apply a black gel polish and cure it too. Simply follow what you normally do while applying a gel polish.

3.) Now apply one coat of the mirror gel base coat and cure it in the lamp. After this you'll observe a tacky/sticky layer on your nail but don't touch or remove it, as we will apply the powder on this layer only.

4.) Pick up a very small amount of the powder on your silicon tool (or applicator, depending on what you're comfy with.The Silicon tool made it extremely easy for me!) and apply it on the nail in strokes. No need to apply a lot of pressure, just keep rubbing the tool in one direction with a light hand.

5.) After some strokes you'll see that the powder has started settling and forming a reflective layer, pay attention to the free edge of the nail and cuticles because these are the areas where the powder starts chipping if the application is not up to the mark.

6.) Clean the excess powder carefully(I used a fan brush). Apply super shining top coat and cure for shine and protection.

7.) Tada! You're done. Now flaunt those nails!

So the first one is Midnight Blue. This powder has a strong color shift from blue/purple to magenta and mauve. Sometimes you can see a little bit of golden too. It has a super strong metallic effect. Be very careful while applying the base coat because even a small bump/dent will be easily visible after applying the powder.

Almost works like a real mirror!

The amazing color shift

Next is Forest Fairy. It has a jaw-dropping color shift from ..I don't know what to write because this powder has so many colors- from golden to green to purple to dark blue to sky blue to magenta and mauve that I got confused. See for yourself, the most amazing color shifting effect.

The stunning metallic look

The color shift

So many colors!

Conclusion: Great work Ostar! Both the chrome powders have an amazing color shift, and are easy to apply. The best chrome mirror powders available today. This is a must have collection for both metallic effect and chrome effect lovers!

Contact Ostart Here:
Their website(under maintenance, so you can buy from here )
Their Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you everyone for reading this post, please comment and stay tuned for more on Ostar Chameleon Mirror Powders.

*P.S. The powders and other products were sent to me for review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion..


  1. Whoa the shade looks totally amazing.

  2. Holy cow, I love how foily these are! I haven't tried these powders yet but I'm getting there!