Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Inspired by a Color : Day 21, The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge

Hi beauties,
The Prompt for Day 21 of 31 DC 2016 is 'Inspired by a Color'. For this theme I chose red color, one of the obvious reasons being that it is one of my most favorite colors. Red color also holds a great importance in Indian culture and traditions. Women prefer to wear red sarees during the holy festivals, and a girl’s arrival into her role as the married woman is symbolized by the almost red henna on her hands and is sealed with the pinch of red powder sindoor on her head.
So without a further delay, please have a look:

For this mani I applied a base of Dance Legend Red Alert(review coming up soon). Then I placed the Snail Vinyls on my nails. I chose Snail Vinyl because it is of a great quality, and doesn't slip or tear during removing. Then I applied a coat of Dance Legend Gel Top Coat and dabbed the holo powder from Born Pretty Store. I cured it under a UV lamp for 30 sec. You can see the video tutorial of the mani below. Finally, another coat of gel topcoat, a 30 sec cure under UV lamp and you are done!

Here's my video tutorial:

I hope you liked my mani. Please comment and have a nice day!