Saturday, 24 September 2016

Inspired by a Book : Day 24, The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge

Hi beauties,
The Prompt for Day 24 of 31 DC 2016 is 'Inspired by a Book'. I chose this book because I really fell in love with the cover and the illustrations of the book. The story is basically about six mermaids, trying to protect their hidden world full of 'mer-people'. Although it might not be the greatest read, but the imaginary world that the book portrays in your mind is really beautiful!

The base is two coats of Masura Mint And Basil magnetic polish. Although the polish is quite opaque in  a single coat, but I prefer two coats for better magnetic effect.
I didn't had any specific image of a mermaid as that on the cover, so I tried to make my own- by merging the images from BP-04(the upper body) and BPL-021(the tail). The aquatic plants and bubbles are from MoYou London Sailor Collection-08. Stamping polishes are MdU Black and Mint, and top coat is Glisten & Glow.

Here is another version of the mani which I did as an experiment to show the deep water by applying a coat of blue jelly polish:

I hope you like my post. Please comment...:)


  1. This is so beautiful and mysterious! What a great idea to use the magnetic as a base.

  2. This is really creative! I love the undersea theme.

  3. This mani is absolutely fantastic! I think you did a wonderful job on it!