Friday, 10 June 2016

SinfulColors Kylie Collection Review and Swatches

Press Sample

Hello all,
Today I'll be sharing with you four gorgeous polishes from SinfulColors Kylie Jenner Collection, two of them are from Denim & Bling Collection and the other two are from Trend Matters Collection.

The Denim & Bling Collection consists of matte texture polishes each with a great formula and amazing combination of the glitter and the base color. The Trend Matters Collection consists of matte polishes with a touch of shimmer which gives them a unique pearlescent effect. So lets start with the review:

Denim & Bling:

Karats Of Kargo: This is a sheer polish with tons of holo glitters suspended in clear polish. This polish is my favorite from the collection as it works both as a base and a top coat. You can sponge it (as I have done in the pic below) or use it as a holo top coat..

Krop Top: This polish has a great formula, it is opaque in a single coat, and has a great coverage too. The pic below is with no topcoat to enhance the clarity of the texture effect. The maroon-red shade has very fine silver and gold glitter but the gold glitter is almost impossible to capture, otherwise in-person the golden and silver glitters really enhance the beauty of the polish...

Trend Matters:

Hello Halo: This one is too sheer so it requires three coats for full opacity. It also has some very minute pink glitter which is only visible at certain angles. Although not easily noticeable, the glitter really add to the beauty of the matte finish..

Angelik: Another example of a perfect combination of glitter and base. The pinkish white pearl base along with the golden/silver glitter gives it a slight pearlescent effect which looks just fabulous in person.

Thank you everyone for reading this post and please comment...:)

*P.S. All the products were sent to me for review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion..


  1. I keep dying to pick these up but whenever I go to the drugstore they are sold out. I love so many of the colors, but it's such a large collection.

  2. I still can't find this collection, but I love your swatches!

  3. Great swatches. I love Hello Halo.

  4. Pretty swatches! Few of them are too good! <3

  5. Gorgeous swatches - Krop Top is definitely my favourite :) x

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