Thursday, 2 June 2016

Pueen Clear Stamper Review...

Hi lovelies!
If you are a stamping lover like me, then you must have come across the new kind of stampers, the clear stampers. Besides their obvious transparent heads which allow you to make your placements on the nail much more easily, they have many more advantages over the traditional opaque stampers.

You can get your own set HERE

One such stamper is Pueen clear stamper which is completely different from its counterparts. The Pueen Clear Stamper set comes with a translucent plastic scraper and a stamper cap to prevent your stamper from scratches and keeping it clear. The most striking feature of the stamper is that it has a much larger surface area(diameter-35mm) as compared to other stampers. (P.S. the pics are taken underwater so they are a little blur)

Another unique feature of the stamper is that it has no barrel or long handle and hence there is no tunnel view. It comes with a short comfortable handle which gives a wider scope of view of the image to be picked up..

Stamping Plate used: Pueen Geo Lover 01
Base: Dance Legend Rose
Stamping Polish: MdU

The stamper needs NO priming or buffing, as it might damage the stamping surface or make it cloudy with use. The stamper has a perfect squishy texture, and easily picks up image in a rolling or a pressing down motion(whatever suits your style) and it molds according to the curve of your nail so the stamping becomes much easier and crisp.(Scroll down for the VIDEO..)

Under Water Shot

Finally you can clean the stamper with a sticky tape or a lint roller but repeated use of alcoholic product can make the stamper cloudy or damage its surface. Once you pick up the image, you have plenty of time to precisely place it on your nail as it does not dry too quick, but this property mostly depends on the polish rather than the stamper.

Conclusion: We could be experiencing a stamping revolution here! The Pueen Clear Stamper is really one of its kind. Apart from being transparent, it possesses all the properties an ideal stamper should have! It does not rip apart or lose its transparency with usage. A must-have product for any stamping lover and working with it is really fun..Great work Pueen!

Stamper Type: Soft 
Stamper Size: 35mm 
Handle Finish: Plastic
Handle Height: 50mm
Stamper Color: Transparent

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*P.S. All the products were sent to me for review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion..


  1. This looks like a great stamper! I love a good clear stamper. What a beautiful mani!

  2. That looks like a great stamper! I have a clear one but smaller and I have an issue with the fish-eye effect. Also- did you take photos underwater because of the multi-chrome? I have never thought to try something like that, but the colors are so vibrant!

    1. Yes I took the pics underwater to get more vibrant colors of the chrome polish. And that's why I prefer Pueen Clear Stamper because it doesn't have that annoying Fish eye/tunnel view...

  3. I want a clear stamper so bad! I suck at stamping and this looks like it will solve all my problems. Great polish, too!

    1. Yup! It definitely increases the accuracy while stamping. A great way to improve my stamping skills which helps even when working with an opaque one..

  4. This looks like a fab stamper really must pick this up soon x