Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dance Legend Golden Eye Collection 01, 02 Swatches And Review....

Press Sample

Hello beauties...
Today I'll be sharing with you all another unique variety of polish, that is, magnetic polishes. Recently Dance Legend released a collection of 6 magnetic nail polishes (6.5ml bottle priced 8$ each..) named after and inspired by James Bond movies. So I had to pick up two magnetic polishes to review from the six polishes and it was really a tough choice because all the colors looked just so fantastic..You can buy your own Dance Legend Magnetic Polishes here.

Magnetic polishes contains fine metallic particles so if you hold a magnet over your nails when the polish coat is still wet, the metallic particles get displaced and you get an amazing 3D shifting effect afterwards. Please see that the magnet has to be strong enough to get the effect and any other nail polish magnet can work with these polishes too. The pics below are with two coats of polish and one coat of topcoat.

I also received a "Cat Eye" magnet along with my polishes to work with them. The magnet is quite strong so you need only a few seconds to get that amazing 3D effect with your magnetic polishes. You can see how easily I worked out with the magnet in the two videos below. You can also buy the magnet separately from

Dance Legend License To Kill (01): This polish shifts from light to dark green shade with golden particles. This is my favorite magnetic polish because of the "aurora" like shifting effect. You can see the strong 3D effect in the video below..

Dance Legend Thunderball (02): This polish has golden and holographic particles in navy blue polish. This one has a slightly less powerful effect as compared to License To kill, but the cosmic effect makes it look really fab. You can see how I used the polish in the video below..

So thats it about the review. I must say that I often remove the mani after reviewing the polishes but License To Kill looked so amazing that I kept it for more than five days and removed it just because I had to swatch Thunderball too..

I hope you like this review and please share your thoughts with me in the comments section..:)

*P.S.: The polishes were sent to me review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion...


  1. These are incredible. I always though magnetic polishes were kind of hokey, but these are beautiful!

    1. Yes Kate they are beautiful polishes...