Thursday, 30 June 2016

Dance Legend Gel Polishes Review and Swatches...

Press Sample

Hello all..

Today I will share with you my Dance Legend Gel Polishes Archetype(LE 34) and Absolute(LE 31). In total I received 2 polishes from each Dance Legend Gel Polish collection, and I'll be posting separate review for each collection. I also received Dance Legend Flexi Base Coat, Base Coat, Ultra Bonder and a Top Coat along with my polishes.
You can buy your own Dance Legend polishes here.

Ultra Bonder by Dance Legend is a nail dehydrator. It is applied to the cuticles and sidewalls after pushing back the cuticles and cleansing the nail plate. It dehydrates the nail plate so the gel bonds to the surface more strongly. It works great for oily nails and which experience premature lifting. It needs no curing so you can proceed to applying the base coat.

Base Coat by Dance Legend is a regular gel base coat. Although base coat is optional in gel manicure but it evens out the nail surface for strong bonding. The brush with the bottle is really good for making the coat even. It needs a 30 sec. curing under the led lamp.

Flexy Base Coat is a very special base coat for gel manicures. I highly recommend applying this base prior to gel application. It is a dense and thick base coat used to completely even out the nail surface and hence eliminate the annoying ridges and bumps. Needs 30 sec. curing.

Top Coat by Dance Legend is a regular gel top coat used to get that extra shine on the nails.. It evens out by itself on the nail so curing isn't a problem..

Now lets start with the polishes:

First is Dance Legend Absolute LE 31. It is a sheer silver holo shade which isn't fully opaque even in two coats. It can be used for perfect French manis and bridal nail arts. Pic is with 2 coats and top coat.

Next is Dance Legend Archetype LE 34. It is a very beautiful pink shade with magenta undertone with subtle holo particles. It has a smooth application and glossy gel finish. Pic is with 2 coats and top coat.

So that's it..Hope you like my review..Please comment and have a nice day..:)

*P.S. All the products were sent to me for review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion.


  1. Both of these are gorgeous gel polishes! I wouldn't mind getting some myself.

  2. Very nice review of the gel polishes. I haven't tried Dance Legend but I hear good things!

  3. Gorgeous colors! I am very fond of the pink on you - it suits your skin tone really well.

  4. Wow the pink is absolutely stunning!!