Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Limeroad #StyleYourHoliday Contest..

Hello readers..
What is the best time pass and fun-to-do activity that we ladies enjoy the most!!?? Yes, its shopping. So today's post is about a contest hosted by Limeroad for our shopaholic readers, giving them a chance to express their creativity through the amazing scrapbook feature of the Limeroad website.

Limeroad is one of the fastest growing fashion websites in the world having the best collection of accessories and trending clothes for us ladies. With the most user friendly interface, it is very convenient for the user to navigate through the site and find the product of her choice.

One of the most interesting feature of the contest is the scrapbook. Express your creativity through one of the many pre available templates or upload your own image, then add images of various products from hundreds of options to complete your scrapbook. These scrapbooks can earn you Limeroad credits as well! (1LR=1rupee, check the website for more details on how to use your LR credits..)

For The Contest:

  1. Using the Limeroad scrapbook tool, you have to create a Holiday And Vacation Themed Scrapbook.
  2. The contest has started with the publishing of this post. You have to upload as many scrapbooks as you want till 30th April 2016, of course, the more the merrier! and be quick too!!
  3. Don't forget to tag your scrapbook with #styleyourholiday and #umamathur, along with any other tags you want, otherwise your scrapbook won't qualify for this contest..
That's it! 

Here is the Limeroad Facebook page and their contest page for more info.

Thank you for reading this post and hurry up! not much time left!!


  1. Hi Uma
    I have made looks n shared in Fb too
    hope u got my entries

  2. Done ‪#‎StyleYourholiday‬ have shared my looks