Friday, 19 February 2016

PUEEN Luxury Crystal Stamper And Scraper Set Review And Swatches....

Hello lovelies..
Pueen Cosmetics recently released Love Elements Stamping Plates collection, containing 6 stamping plates and a crystal stamper and scraper set. I have already posted the review for the plates here, and today I would like to post the review for the Crystal Stamper and Scraper set.

Each stamper set consists of two stamper heads, two scrapers and a luxurious crystal stamper holder. The stamper holder come in two colors, golden and silver. Each holder comes with a large crystal attached, which makes it the most elegant and luxurious holder for any stamping lover. But this also makes the stamper feel a little uncomfortable for first time users..

The stamper heads are soft and needs no priming, but rinsing with soapy water and alcohol and using a lint roller before the first use helps a lot as the stamper might fell a little bit oily at first. The stamper head fits in the holder firmly, so you don't need to worry about the head coming out of stamper while stamping. The scraper ensures that the right amount of polish is left on the plate and the stamper has the perfect stiffness to pick up the image.

So that is all about the review.. I hope that you like it.. Please comment:)

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