Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gilty Girl Cosmetics Swatches And Review....

Hello lovelies..
This Christmas was a unique Christmas for me as I got my long awaited Gilty Girl Polishes. The packaging in which the polishes arrived was simply mind blowing. The polishes were wrapped in a black tissue paper, tied nicely with a Gilty Girl ribbon and finally sealed with melted wax stamp of the Gilty Girl logo. Inside there was a beautiful black box with another gorgeous bow on the top. I opened the box to reveal the polish and a special surprise, a fortune! The packing itself shows the passion and dedication towards cosmetics of the Gilty Girl owner, Alanna. Now moving towards the polishes..

Gilty Girl polishes are unique because of their high quality and adorable shades. Another remarkable feature of the polish is the brush, the shape of the tip of brush makes it easy for me to apply polish around the cuticle area and the curve of my nails neatly. The glossy finish of the polishes give a slight jelly like finish even when the polish is fully opaque, making them one of my favorite polishes.

1.) Wiccan: A beautiful, dark maroon jelly polish along with fine gold leaves. Needs two to three coats for full opacity. It has a squeezy jelly-like texture, the gold leaves provide a very rich look to the polish.

"Beneath a shadowy cloak, delicate 24kt gold leaf glisten lustrously. When applied WICCAN renders a mysterious, dreamy deep amethyst blush."

2.) Entrepreneur: A very cute lilac crème polish with micro holo glitters and hexagonal golden glitters. Works well with one coat but two coats recommended for a smooth finish.

"ENTREPRENEUR is the pedestal of the GILTY GIRL collection as the first design conception. An enterprise of holographic and gold glitters ENTREPRENEUR establishes itself as a fearless cerulean tone." 

3.) Supernova: One of my favorite polish. A gorgeous silver holo glitter polish, gives a perfect holographic and opaque finish in two coats. Works perfectly with nail vinyls of all shapes.

"A cult classic, SUPERNOVA redefines holographic glitter lacquer. With a celestial radiance SUPERNOVA creates a heavenly holographic opaque finish in one to two coats."

A big thanks to Alanna for sending me these fabulous polishes and giving me this opportunity to express my love for the polishes. You can grab your own Gilty Girl Polishes from their site.
Thank you all for reading this post and have a nice day and a wonderful new year!! :)

*P.S.: All the products were sent to me for review and this post is based on my 100% honest opinion.

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