Thursday, 31 December 2015

Dance Legend Chameleon Collection Swatches And Review....

Hello lovelies..
If you frequently read my blog, by now you must have understood that I am in love with chrome and holo polishes, and believe me after watching today's swatches you will also become a fan of chrome polishes.
Today I have another awesome chrome collection to share with you, Dance Legend Chameleon Chrome Polish Collection. These chrome polishes have a really powerful and mesmerizing color shift that can be easily captured in a photo. Another sweet fact about the polishes that each shade is named after a Monsters Inc. character!

All the shots are with two coats of polish and without any black base. The polishes are opaque enough and don't require any undercoat for the chrome effect..

1.) Roz (092): A beautiful magenta/deep wine polish that shifts to green/golden. Really beautiful chrome effect. My favorite, because of the strong hue shift effect, looks very pretty in person...

2.) Sulley (096): A purple/violet base that shifts to turquoise/teal shade. Formula-wise it is very smooth and doesn't leave any brush strokes after application.

3.) Comet tail: It is a rose coloured magenta base with a gold/green color shift. It has a similar multichrome base as Roz, but with the added micro holo glitter. A little bit sheer, but perfectly opaque in three coats.

Thank you all for reading my post and have a nice day...:)

*P.S.: All the polishes were sent to me for review. This post is based on my 100% honest opinions...

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