Friday, 18 December 2015

Candy Cane Nail Art...

Hello all..
Today I want to share with you my Candy Cane Nail Art which I especially did for a Facebook nail art challenge-12 days of Christmas nail art. I've made this post for today's challenge and as a review for LadyQueen Decals which I have used in this nail art.

For this nail art I have used Zoya Metallic Collection Giada as the base and pasted LadyQueen candy canes decals for the canes and candies. These nail decals are extremely easy to use and are extremely durable too! I have these decals on my nails since 4 days now and they don't even have a scratch on them despite going through daily house chores...

One more special thing about the decals is they don't lose their bright colours. I applied a coat of Glisten and Glow top coat and then for the matte version I applied Pure Ice matte top coat but they are still very bright!

Thank you all for reading my post and please comment ......:)


  1. That Zoya polish looks so incredible on you! I prefer the matte version, it's so striking!

  2. The candy cane looks very pretty. Nice nail art.