Friday, 23 October 2015

Pueen Make Your Day Stamping Plates Collection Review..

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Today I will be showing you my new Pueen Make Your Day Stamping Plates Collection. This collection features 24 plates with a total of 144 IMAGES, a double sided stamper and two scrapers of different hardness..


Each plate measures about 1.8″ (5.5cm in diameter) with sanded edges for easy, comfortable handling. There is a protective backing on these and a beautiful plate holder along with the plates to protect them after the backing is removed!! All image plates are made from high grade stainless steel.

Pueen 98-101:

Pueen 102-105:

Pueen 106-109:

Pueen 110-113:

 Pueen 114-117:

Pueen 118-121:


As you can see it has two sides, one side is round and the other side is oblong. This stamper is made out of squishy silicone material and it worked well for me WITHOUT priming. Both stamper heads works perfectly with different stamping polishes like Mundo De Unas, Konad, and some regular polishes too , but I prefer the oblong head as it picks up great and feels comfortable on my curved nail surface. See for yourself the crispy stamping by these stampers..

Both the scrapers also work great, the transparent one being the hard one and the opaque being the flexible one. I prefer the flexible one but again it depends on you what type of scraper suits your style!

PS:All products were sent for review and this post is based on 100% honest opinions......
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