Friday, 9 October 2015

Jior Couture Nail Polishes Swatches And Review....

Hello friends..
today I'm gonna present to you my new nail mail from Jior Couture containing two polishes namely Idelwild BLUE and Mystery Mini. All of the Jior Couture products are hand crafted and created with love and care. Each and every item they make contain high quality ingredients, pigments, glitters and micas which makes this brand look very graceful and unique. So lets start with the reviews:

1.) Idelwild BLUE: 

I have to admit that this blue glow in the dark jelly polish with micro-glitters is ONE OF A KIND. It has the shortest charge time period and the brightest glow among all the other polishes. You can yourself see this effect in the following photos shot with a charge period of ONLY 30 sec. The micro-glitters/flakes enhances its beauty in the daylight..

2.) Mystery Mini: 

A violet purple polish with a subtle holographic glitter. This polish looks glamorous in daylight and the holo effect can be observed clearly. The photos were shot with only two coats and in natural daylight..

Thanks everyone and please share your views with me in the comments section below...:)