Wednesday, 21 October 2015

13 Halloween Nail Art Ideas ....

Hello all,
13 is known to be an unlucky number but today this number might prove helpful for someone looking for new Halloween Stamping Ideas for this year... I did all these manis for a Bundle Monster Contest which I have won also. So here are the manis:

  • Skeleton Party Nails:

    • Glow In The Dark Zombie Nails:

    • Ghosts and Witches Glow In The Dark Nail Art:

    • The Dark Night Nail Art:

    • The Dark Woods Nail Art:

    • Haunted House Nail Art:

    • Gloomy Graveyard Nail Art:

    • Scary Witches Nail Art:

    • Another Witches Nail Art:

    • Colourful Skulls Nail Art:

    • Bloody Gore Nails:

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