Azature Real Black Diamond Nail Polish Reviews And Swatches...

Hi everyone..
Today I would like to share with you my new nail mail from Azature Nail Lacquer and present you the reviews and swatches of the following polishes: Azature Light Lilac Diamond, Azature Jade Diamond, Azature Light Blue Diamond, Azature Light Pink Diamond.

All the polishes formula wise are perfect- neither too runny nor too thick and are fairly good one coaters though I recommend using two coats for enhanced finishing. The pictures below were shot with two coats and no top coat to capture the smoothness and finishing.

1.) Azature Light Pink Diamond:
A light pink cream, playful, youthful, and demure, this color calls to mind warmth, compassion, and love..

2.) Azature Jade Diamond:
A glossy blue cream with a green undercoat. Jade became a rare, valued gem in ancient China and remains a symbol of good luck today..

3.) Azature Light Blue Diamond: 
A sky blue cream, the color brings with it the tranquillity and calmness of the summer skies and seas.

4.) Azature Light Lilac Diamond:
A purple cream with a pink undertone, the boldness of purple with the femininity of pink, this shade is inspired by the color of some of nature's most gorgeous flowers.

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  1. Beautiful colours! The green one is my favourite. :)


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