Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Stay quirky ... Review and swatches !!!!

Hi everyone,
It often happens that at some point of time we wanted to have a particular shade of polish but didn't find it anywhere even after searching for it so desperately, and then had to make do with a similar colour, isn't it?! 
Now there's a brand which is here to help us...they brewed the concoction with raw materials, golden rule and everything cool and purposely added chemical Quirky to it. Voila! Stay Quirky was born.

Stay Quirky products are currently available on with 150 + shades across Regular / Pearly shades, Gel Finish Shades, Glitters / Shimmers, Sand / Polishdry / Colordry Effect shades, Satin Effect shades, Silk Effect shades, Glitter Frenzy shades, Jersey Effect shades, Gold Chromic shades. And this, is just the beginning.

Now lets start with my review of three of their polishes:

829 – A very elegant looking peach shade from their Jersey Effect Shades. This shade gives a good matte and sand effect especially because of the subtle yellow and reddish yellow chunks. Applied two coats and used no top coats.

771 - A chrome pink polish from their collection of Gold Chromic Effects Shade. Gives a cool chrome effect with slight pink to blue shift and the minute bluish particles really add to its beauty. A sheer polish, works fine with three coats..

972 - My person favorite...A unique glitter sand polish from their Sand Effect Shades collection. The blue, silver and gold glitter sand particles really enhance the glitter sand effect of the polish and make it look gorgeous..

Thanks everyone for reading my posts and please keep commenting.
P.S. : all products were sent for review   I give my 100% honest opinion. 


  1. Pretty awesome polishes! lovely swatches and review Uma! :-)

    1. Hi Nailfame...Thank you very much..And Yes, you must try these polishes once..Especially the sand effect ones.:)