Sunday, 12 July 2015

Beluga Blue and more Parrot Polishes Swatches and Review..

Hello all
I want to share with you all my new Glow in The Dark Parrot Polishes which I recently received in my latest nail mail.. This gorgeous nail mail sent to me by David and Sonja comprised of three polishes, namely, Orange Blaze, my personal favorite Santa Glow and his newest creation Beluga blue...I'll start with their detailed description one by one:

Beluga Blue:

This is a new addition to the Glow In The Dark range of Parrot Polishes, named after Beluga Whale..
It is a deep blue shade which gives a bright blue glow in the dark. David sent me this shade especially for 4th of July as the shade is best suitable for the theme. The formula is neither too runny nor too thick unlike other glow in the dark polishes..

Orange Blaze:

It is a bright neon orange shade that glows bright orange in the dark and is best suitable for Halloween. Dries in no time leading to a semi-matte finish which is a very good quality for a glow in the dark polish....

Santa Glow:

As the name suggests, this coral red shade is best-suited for Christmas themed nail art. It gives an elegant red glow in the dark. This polish was sent to me especially on my choice because this was polish was the one which I wanted to try for a long time..

I want to thank David and Sonja from the bottom of my heart for sending me these amazing polishes..
Thank you all for reading my review for Glow in the dark Parrot Polish... Please comment...:)
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  1. Nice review Uma. All the shades look pretty. I liked Orange Blaze the most

  2. What a fun polishes! Nice swatches and review. :-)