Thursday, 18 June 2015

El Corazon Stamping Polishes Swatches And Review..

Hello everyone...
Today I would like to share with you all my new nail mail for which I was very excited, it is the Stamping Polish Collection from El Corazon.
I received four stamping polishes, Yellow Neon, Aurora BreathsJewellery Box and The Paradise and I must say that each one of them are truly amazing. 

All of them are perfectly visible on the darkest as well as the lightest base coats, which is the most important characteristics of a good stamping polishes. Especially the chrome effect in polish Aurora Breaths and Jewellery Box is fabulous... Now lets start with the reviews:

The Paradise:

The most amazing thing about this bright crimson-red polish is its opaqueness.. Works perfect with black, white or yellow bases, is amazingly opaque on white and doesn't lose its bright crimson shade on black. Below are some pics of The Paradise on black and white bases...
Plate used: BM-620

Yellow Neon:

When I was about to stamp this polish I honestly didn't expect it to be so marvellous! Its really hard to believe that a neon yellow stamping polish can stamp so well on light and dark bases both and that too without losing its neon-ness...
Plate used: BM-606

Under Blacklight

Jewellery Box:

It is a sap green stamping polish with an astonishing chrome effect.. A stamping polish with such an awesome chrome effect that doesn't fade away even after stamping is an achievement in itself in the world of stamping polishes....
Plate used: BM-617

Finally The Masterpiece..Aurora Breaths:

This polish has made me wonder struck! Its chrome effect is one of a kind and matchless..It is undoubtedly my personal favorite stamping polish. If there is any polish in the world which can stamp so perfectly on all coloured bases and give that mind blowing chrome effect, it is this one..
I've never seen a better chrome stamping polish than this one.....Have a look:
Plate used: BM-605

Over Black And White Base:

Hope you all like my review.. Have a nice day....Please comment:)

The polishes were sent for Swatches and Reviews. 
All opinions and views are honest and based on my true experience with the polishes.


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  2. please i have to know where to buy the kaleidocope duochrome stamping polishes (from holland netherland) with paypal payment. Hope you can answer me