Monday, 11 May 2015

New Magical Technique !!!! Placing Nail Vinyls...... Cyclone Nails.

Hello Everyone....

          We all know that nowadays nail vinyls have become the most popular technique for quick and wonderful manis. They are very easy to apply and peel off, and give amazingly neat and beautiful results. I did this mani using Cyclone snail vinyls, you can buy more pretty n gorgeous designs from Snail Vinyls .

Cyclone Nails
          Whatever the quality of the vinly is, ( I use Snail Vinyl because they don't tear and are of good quality) there is big problem that beginners even professionals face, and that is the perfect placement of the vinyl on nail. This requires a whole lot of practise and is the most irritating part of using a nail vinyl. So, Today I would like to share with you today my  secret trick for perfect placement of the nail vinyl on the nail so read on.....

Macro Shot
Here is how I achieved this look : 
1. For the  base I applied two coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather, and applied one coat of Seche Vite.
2. Then I applied the vinyl using my new trick and Color Club Beyound over it. Then I peeled off the vinyl to get the amazing result.

Holographic Cyclone Nails

NEW TECHNIQUE : First I placed a piece if scotch tape on the vinyl and then peeled it off such that the whole vinyl is transferred on the tape.

 Then I removed the unwanted part of the vinyl using a tweezers to get he stencil for my mani. Then I used the transparency of the tape to set the best position of the vinyl and then placed it on the nail. 

Finally, I removed the tape and used the vinyl as usual.

Sun Light Click

Cyclone Snail Vinyls Nails
Here is my Video Tutroial : my You Tube Channel

Hope you like this new trick. please share your views whit me by commenting , Thank You ....
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  1. Very nice idea.. And very helpful. Mani looks pretty.

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