Friday, 29 May 2015

El Corazon Spring Collection

Hello all,
Recently Yagala hosted a contest which was sponsored by El Corazon in which the winner was allowed to choose any three of El Corazon polishes from their site. I was declared the winner of the contest (I'm so happy!!) and I chose the beautiful Spring Collection which I wanted to try eagerly..
Thank to their generosity they not only did send me the three polishes but also a base coat, French Manicure Nail Stickers and a super cute El Corazon Balloon which my kids enjoyed a lot!!
Thank you Yagala and El Corazon..!!

There is a very special quality of the collection which I wanted to share with you all and that is the beautiful micro glitter/chunks of a little darker shade in these polishes which make them look so different and beautiful.
Each one of the polish has its own elegance and grace which make them so special...

For this nail art:

First I applied two coats of each polish, then did the following for Spring 03, Spring 09 and finally for Spring 09:

For Spring 03- Tape Manicure:

I used the French Manicure Nail Stickers from El Corazon and Placed them on the nails as shown. Then I applied a coat of Girly Bites Chrome I Hit My Bunny Phone and peeled off the tape. Then Finally sealed everything with a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.

For Spring 09-Stamping:

I stamped the image on the accent nail from St. Merry by Gogo Only which my BFF Nicky Nailslove gifted me. I used the polish Konad Black.

For Spring 08:

It is my personal favorite. This one looked so elegant that I decided not to disturb its original beauty and hence left it as it was...

Thank you everyone for reading my post. Hope you like it. Please comment...:)

Here is the Video Tutorial:

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