Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Birthday Surprise By Parrot Polish...

Hello beauties...
Today I want to share with you an amazing surprise gift I received this year on my birthday. This surprise package was planned by my nail buddy Alps Nails Art and David and Sonja from Parrot Polish...yes Parrot Polish!! There were two glow in the dark polishes, a mani bomb and a super cute handmade soap bottle in the pack..According to me, Parrot Polish is an excellent Indie brand and needs no introduction and its glow in the dark range is my favorite..Thank you Alps, David, Sonja and Parrot Polish....

Surprise Gifts 

1.) Glow Mr. Yuk and Glow Dove: They have got the perfect formula and coverage and a good glowing capacity when charged properly for around 30 secs. GMY is a perfect green shade for spring manis and it glows green in dark. Glow Dove works best with at least three coats and gives a great royal blue glow in the dark.

2.) The Handmade soap: When I first took it out of the pack I really thought it was a real polish!! Its so cute... I would like to keep it on my nail table forever!!!

3.) The ManiBomb: Well I personally tried it for the first time and was amazed to see the result. You won't be able to see the result in the pics so you got to try it yourself! The nourishing effect can only be felt and can't be described. Gotta try it once!!

Glow me yuk ....

Glow dove....

Here is my experience with the manibomb:

So thats all about my gift pack!! Hope you like my post and please share your views with me...:
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  1. Wow, these are amazing gifts! The green polish is gorgeous. **

  2. Great post and lovely swatch. Glad to know you liked and enjoyed the surprise gift :*