Friday, 13 March 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge For March week 2 -Scale Gradient...

Hello all,
Yes I know its been a while but I am back with my new Scale Gradient Nails....From so many days I was longing to do a scale gradient nail art and it was the theme of an FB group so it seemed as the best time to do it so here I am with my Scale Gradient Nails....

My New Scale Gradient Nails

Scale Gradient Nails In Natural Daylight

For this nail art:
  • I used only two polishes in the nail art namely Color Club Eternal Beauty #999 and TipTop Nails Purple Reign #973.
  • I used scotch tape by cutting it in triangle pieces as a substitute to the nail vinyls and did the nail art by applying the tape starting from the inner edge of the nails and doing gradients while proceeding downwards...

Thank you very much everyone and don't forget to comment...:)