Monday, 23 March 2015

Negative Space Stamping Decals

Hi everyone..
today I am going to share with you my Negative Space Nails....I made this nail art by leaving my middle and ring finger nails blank by applying no base and then stamping on them. No base was applied as it is negative space nail art and some empty space has to be left. On the other two fingers I applied a base and pasted triangle acrylic studs which I bought from BPS on 10% discount from UMAX31 code.....

Negative Space Stamping Decals

Negative Space Nails

The detailed procedure:

  • First I applied a coat of Tip Top Nail Polish Purple Reign 973 on index and pinky finger and pasted the studs on them.
  • Then I used BM-404 plate to make the decals and filled in ColorShow 406 and Nubar Hot Red NE-116.
  • I stamped the decals on middle and ring finger using the trick for which the video tutorial is included in my previous post.
  • Finally I applied a coat of Seche Vite top coat to seal everything in place...
Thank you everyone for reading my post and please keep me commenting....:)