Sunday, 15 February 2015

Anti-Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hello all of you....
Today might not be the day for love-struck people or people who have recently fallen in love, but still its Anti Valentine's day. When most of the people are unwilling to celebrate the day, it was also especially hard for me to get any ideas for this nail art but finally I came up with something...Have a look and tell me in the comment box if my hard work showed some result....:

Anti Valentine nail art

Anti Valentine

For this nail art:
  • I did a gradient of Incolor Chrome Nail 46, Uma cosmetics The Power Of Uma and Ambika Pillai HC 17. I did the gradient light to dark to give the effect of sadness.
  • For the index finger I made a devilish heart thinking of a mischief to reflect the naughty human nature...I picked the image from Winstonia W207 and stamped it using MdU 32 Reddish.
  • For the middle finger I took the image from BM-411 and stamped it using half-half technique. Stamping polish used- MdU 32 Reddish.
  • For the ring finger I chose the image from the plate XY13 from Ali Express and again stamped it using MdU.
  • Finally for the pinky finger I took the blood-dripping broken heart image from GA12 Gals plate and stamped it using MdU. All sealed with Seche Vite top coat.

Thank you everyone and please comment....:)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much theriteofagingearly...

  2. It's Awesome...I too love the gradient....<3

    1. Thanks Nailfame, this gradient is one of my best gradients...

  3. Lovely mani. Really liked the idea of Anti Valentine nails

    1. thank you Manisha, it seemed an impossible task to get that idea...