Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day-7: Pink & Aqua

Hello all,
For today's Pink And Aqua challenge, I present you my Fairyland Nail Art.....

Fairyland Nails
Fairyland, the place where almost all of the girls have imagined to go once in their lifetime. Even though I didn't understand the word 'fairyland' in my childhood, but I too imagined a place which was full of magic, cute little creatures, colorful sky but unfortunately my wish wasn't fulfilled. So, today I decided to take down the amazing world on my five little canvases and here I am, with my Fairyland Nails.

The amazing Fairy Sky

For this nail art :

Another angle
  • I applied a coat of white polish to make my base opaque.
  • Then I made a gradient base with Bourjois Rose Cupcakes 06 and Turquoise Block 22 to represent the colorful Sky.
  • After this I applied a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to add the pixie dust to my nail art.
  • Then finally I stamped the fairy flowers from W-210 using Konad Black polish... 
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