Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day-16: Tranquility

Hello beauties once again...
Here I am with my Tranquility nails for day-16's Tranquility nails. In this nail art, I have tried to make the things which take me into a state of calmness whenever I'm in tension or stress. 

Tranquility Nail art
On pinky and pointy nails nail I've drawn a quite garden with butterflies and on the two middle nails I've drawn meditating Buddha to show as if Lord Buddha is meditating in a quite garden. I've used a white base because according to me, white is a color which gives my mind peace and calmness.

For this nail art :

  • First I applied a single coat of Nabi Metallic White-155 and used as a base.
  • Then I stamped the Buddha images from QA68 using Konad White nail polish.
  • I stamped the butterfly and the garden images from W213 Using Konad White.
  • At last I applied a coat of Seche Vite top coat and finished the nail art.

 Thank you all and please comment if you like...:)

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