Thursday, 15 January 2015

Day-15: Green Base... Lady Bug Nails...

Hello everybody,
for today's Green Base challenge, I'm posting my Ladybug Garden nails...

Lady bug Nails

In this nail art I have tried to portray a beautiful green garden with ladybugs coming out to enjoy the spring season after a long winter sleep. The green grass is covering the garden like a soft silky blanket and the ladybugs are enjoying the green blanket together....

Lady Bug freak out 

To achieve this look first I applied one coat of white cream polish to make the base opaque. Then I did a gradient of B.O. 34, Rhyme 80 and Blue Heaven 47. Then I applied one coat of Seche Vite over it. Then for stamping, first I stamped the leaf image from BP-19 using Konad Forest Green Polish and then using reverse stamping technique, I stamped the ladybug from W 201. Finally Iseales all with Seche Vite Top Coat .

Green Theme Nails

Hope  you like it :)

Lady Bug Enjoying ;)
Thanks for stopping.