Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Day-12: Film..Finding Nemo

Hello guys..
I know its a little late but I didn't want to miss this challenge so for today's film inspired nails challenge, I'm posting my Finding Nemo Nails. I was inspired for this nail art by my kids because they are a huge fan of nemo and his friends and its their favorite animated film.

So in this nail art I've tried to make the clown fish nemo along with his best friend Sheldon (the cute seahorse) and the bubble eater crab. I've also made the natural home of nemo, the sea anemone. I also made the nail art look as if its going deeper and deeper in the sea. 

For this nail art I made a dry marble base with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Pacific Blue 420, Revlon Colorstay 170 Sinful Colors Pro Cinderella 1106 to represent the deep sea. 
Then I stamped the images from Moyou London Sailor Collection-08 and SA-06 using Miscellaneous Konad Polishes.
Then I made the nail art deeper and deeper in sea the sea by applying a coat of Altered State Pictue Polish and then DIY jelly polish Blue on by one and clicking a pic after each coat.

Thank you all and hope you like it. Please comment..:) 

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