Sunday, 11 January 2015

Day-11: Reversed Polarities

Hello all ...

For today's challenge Reversed Polarities I am presenting you my Black Valentine nails. 
What I thought about reversed polarities was that it meant a nail art in which there were nail polishes of opposite characteristics (like matte and gloss) but then my nail friend Nicky ( suggested me the real meaning. Thanks Nicky... So here is mine Black valentine Nails Just opposite of pretty pink valentine. 

Reversed Polaritie

The dry marble Base

So after so many retries (like Yellow Halloween and some others) for this day I finally came up with the concept of Black Valentine nails and here is how I prepared them:

  • So first I applied a coat of Maybelline CS Porcelain Party 102.
  • Then I did a dry marble with Maybelline CS Porcelain Party 102Blackout 220 and Uma Cosmetics: The power of Uma
  • Finally I stamped the image from Moyou London Bridal Collection-02 using Konad Black and applied Essie Matte About You top coat.

 Hope Y'all like it...Please comment :]