Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Nail Mail of Happiness

Hello buddies....
Yesterday I got the most surprising and exciting nail parcel of my life. Recently I participated in a giveaway on a Facebook group that had a prize consisting of s Fun plate of your choice, PureColor detailer brush, Fab Angular cleanup brush. Luckily, the winner announced was Uma's Nail Art!!

When the parcel arrived, I was hoping of the usual gifts (I selected Fun plate #15) but when I opened the parcel I was shocked to see that instead of the single plate I selected, I got 4 plates consisting Fun plate #13, Fun plate #14, Fun plate #15 and Fun plate #8 which I was trying to buy but it was out of stock. I also got the two brushes and along with them I got another double sided detailing brush too... I also got a cute little polish bottle with a shape of a Japanese doll!!!

My Nail Mail of happiness..
I want to heartly thank the two giveaway organizers Johanne and Priscilla for their generosity and this amazing surprise. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart!!

I wanted to do a mani using my new plates so here I am with my Colorful Flower Nails which I made using Fun Plate #13, black nail polish, white stamping polish and my glass colors. I won't go into details for this mani 'cuz the post is already too long! Take a look:

Fun #13

Thank you all the readers and don't forget to comment....:)

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