Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Twist Of Taste.... Glowing Candy ;)

Hello Buddies...

Candy...... Each n every person in this world who has tasted it can't forget its yumminess and to give a tribute to this little tablet of fun and deliciousness, I present before you my candy nails art with a little  twist ......It glows in Dark ! I don't know why any one didn't bring up the idea of edible glow in the dark candy when I was a child ! have a look....

Candy Nails

Glowing Candy Nails.. Twist Of Taste
For This look Iused Nabi Glowing In The Dark Nail Polishes as the base. I used Three coats.
Clear candy Nails

Then stamped with konad stamping polishes and winstoina second generation set W216.
Candy Nails in Flash Light
After stamping i applied Seche  vite Top Coat.
Mouth watring Juicy Candy Nails
Finally here is my  inspiration..... candy..
Twist of teast ..candy

Thanks all of you, and remember that there is no age limit to enjoy candies... have a nice day..... love you all..


  1. Uma, adorab;enails, i love it ! plus it glows oughhhh


    1. thanks hun..... glowing polishes are my week point ;P

  2. OH MYYY GOOOD.. It looks fabulous.! Looove it <3