Monday, 15 December 2014

Tip Top Nail Polish Swatches And Review ......

Good morning everyone,
Today I would like to share with you all a very special package I received for review from South Africa three days ago from none other than...........yes TipTop Nails.(a very special thanks to Joan Yvonne Kahn for sending it..) This brand was established in 1981 and their motto was to develop a nail color brand with durability and innovation and which was toxic and cruelty free.. 

The polishes are perfectly opaque and the formula is also perfect and evenly balanced- neither too gooey nor too runny. The polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Toluene and Camphor. So - the polishes are big 4 free!
 I received 4 cute 10 ml bottles namely:
1.) Rocky Road Glitter (926)
2.) Purple Reign (973)
3.) Jitterbug Lime (978)
4.) Sun Kissed (911)

All Four Gorgeous are here.
So lets start with the review....

Rocky Road Glitter:

Out of the four shades this was my favorite one particularly because of the hexagonal holo glitter chunks (and by now you might have realized that I am crazy for HOLO....). Anyway lets get back to the review :P. So this shade was extremely easy to apply as compared to other glitter polishes and looks fantastic with light as well as dark shades. Here are two coats over purple reign..

Rocky Road Glitter Two Coats

Rocky Road Glitter

Over Silver Base Closer Look

Closer Look

Purple Reign:

This shade is my second favorite because it has an amazing metallic finish and opacity is perfect even in the 1st coat. It has fabulous plane finish if applied the correct way. And the second most important also works as a stamping polish..(I figured it out by experimenting).

Purple Reign in Day Light

Purple Reign
Purple Reign In sun Light
Jitterbug Lime:

It is THE lime-green shade I was searching for. It has a perfect blend of lemon yellow and lime green shades and looks so cute and pretyyy with its perfect opaqueness within two coats. Its subtle shimmer really enhances its beauty and is....totally wooww!

Jitterbug Lime in Day Light

Jitterbug Lime
In Sun Light

Sun Kissed:

Literally sun kissed.. not much to say but the amazing shimmer adds to the grace of the shade. It also requires two coats for perfect opaqueness. This shade inspires me to do a spring season manicure whenever I look at it...

Sun Kissed in Day Light

Sun Kissed

So thats it with my TipTop nail shades review and you can buy your own package by contacting them through the following links:
and get the TipTop nails brochure here..

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  1. oh love them all, green too much but yellow is eye catching !

  2. Thanks too love yellow , its very bright .

    1. yes, yellow is so worm for winter time! you are welcome dear Uma!