Thursday, 18 December 2014

Spirograph Nails....

Hello Friends, 

Today I am sharing with you my Spirograph Nails, When kid I used to have this tool; it basically comes with two or more plastic rings with interlocking cogs, one small with holes so you can put pencil in one of the hole and rotate in the larger ring to draw attractive designs. Actually I was confused how to name this manicure but my nail buddy Saumyasikha helped me to name it. here is the Spirograph nails....

Spirograph nail

matte look

For this look i used Tip top nail polish Jitterbug Lime 978. you can see the swatch here .I applied two coats.

I stamped with konad green polish, the image SA Plates  from Ali Express. for pointy and pinky I wrap the half nail with tape.finally aply one coat of seche vite top coat.

Thanks For reading.