Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hello everyone,
today I present before you my first Christmas 2014 manicure.Through this mani I tried to show Santa Clause enjoying snowfall.
Christmas 2014

To achieve this look I used two coats of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat{Sugar Fix 200} for base. Then I stamped with Ali Express{W series} using Konad stamping nail polishes.
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat
Christmas 2014

But after stamping I felt that something was still missing so I applied a coat of matte glitter polish(which was a local one as far as I remember) to enhance the snow and then it looked as if my Santa was really enjoying and dancing in the snowfall.

Take a look yourself....
Santa enjoying snow fall

thank you all sooo much and enjoy your winter holidays.........(and please comment. :P) 


  1. Wow.. loved how your Santa is dancing.. :)

  2. amazing nail art for New Year :)

    1. Thanks Bubica, your kind comments always motivate me.... thanks again hun <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot sweet heart Margriet....