Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Eve Nail Art

Hello all,

Its almost Christmas now and so I share with you another Christmas Nail Art. As I have told you in my previous post, this nail art has been made with the same image I used to make the previous one!

Christmas Eve '14 Nail Art

One More Shot

In this nail art I've represented the Christmas Eve when Santa Clause is flying all around the world in his sledge pulled by his famous reindeer and spreading happiness among children as well as the grown ups.

Here I've used Zoya matte velvet (Loredana) as the base and stamped another image to give the nail art some Xmas trees using Konad white polish and BP-01. Then I stamped the image of Santa coming down on his sledge using Moyou London Festive Collection-01.

Yay! Santa
Here is a fail version of the nail art:

Thank you and please comment and enjoy your winter holidays:) 


  1. wow love this one. your failed one is still better than my several failed attempts :)