Saturday, 6 September 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Powder Puff and Wintermint

Good morning everyone!
Yesterday I bought 2 exotic shades from Revlon parfumerie collection: Powder puff and Wintermint. These were in my wishlist for so long and were available in india now, so I bought as soon as I saw them . I would like to express my opinion about them, so read on…….

Powder Puff
It is a light baby pink shade with tiny holo glitters. It works well with 2 but requires 3 coats for full opacity. It looks amazing when used as a jelly sandwitch. It has a pleasing and sweet flowery fragnance which I personally liked a lot. It may feel a little bumpy while applying due to the tiny glitters but overall is smooth. Check it out yourself….

Powder Puff


This satin mint shade has a soothing smell EXACTLY like mint and full opacity can be obtained with 2 coats. The blue glitter creates an amazing color combination and this is the reason why I like it so much. Despite being a glittery polish, it doesn’t look much bumpier but I would recommend a top coat for perfect finish. Observe the polish yourself…


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  1. I only grabbed the brown one, Autumn Spice, 'cause I know I wouldn't wear the minty one. Yet it's really gorgeous and then it's a dupe to the famous Deborah Lippman, so... :)

  2. After seeing yout swatches, I'm quite disappointed because I bought only the purple one, moonlit woods... I love wintermint