Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to shoot Glow In The Dark Poilsh !!!

Hello All...
Ever wanted to apply glow in dark polish, but didn't know how ? I show you here the easiest way to click the glow in the dark polish...

Glow In The Dark

  1. Step 1. Apply glow in the dark polish onto your nails . wait till dry.
  2. Step 2. Apply top coat if you want , let it dry.
  3. Step 3. Some glow in the dark polish need to activated underneath a light source for ten to thirty seconds. you can use UV light because UV light supercharges the glow      pigments. My son know how to explain the working of glow pigment  ( smart boy;p)  but i will do just what I know.
  4.   Charging your nail with UV light. It will work better then any thing, expect the         sun light. ( which of course have UV light ) but charging from  sun light create too      much hotch-potch. charge your nail in sun light , run back inside the darkest place    and take a picture .... UFF.. till then charging will diminish . so you have to work       fast.
  5. Don't worry about all these hustles just put your nails under a common lamp , close to light and charge it for thirty second. Then turn off the lamp and click the pic, but you have to keep flash off the camera. 

Under the lamp

      If you have followed the instructions carefully, you will have amazing pictures.
Thank u for stopping. Please fell free to comments.....


  1. love it ! amazing picture ! love glow in the dark and have one !

    1. Thank u you bubica... me to love a lot Glow in Dark Polishes.

  2. Wow it's so easy I will try it when I buy gid