Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Glow in The Dark Serum no 5...........

Hello All,
I am sharing today with you my new babies, Glow in the dark polishes from Serum No 5. This bran is known is for its glow in dark shades. I bought two shades from its Glowmeleon Collection, first one is Burning Orchid and second is Sunset Flare. capture to glow in dark polishes is lil bit tricky, I shown you the tricks in my last post.

Serum No 5, Glow In The Dark
1. Burning Orchid - Burning Orchid is a pretty duo-chrome/shimmer topper which shifts from pink to violet. this can be wear its own or layered. If it layered over light colors, it gives a slight pink shimmer. I have show you here in two coats over Sally Hansen Xtreem Wear White On, whit out Top Coat. its glows blue in dark.
Burning Orchid

After chargeing 30 seconds

2. Sunset Flare -Sunset Flare is a gorgeous duo-chrome/shimmer rust color, which shifts from pink to orange whit a texture finish.Sunset flare is lil sheer so you could layer it easily. It glows green in dark. color is more obvious in person. I struggled to capture it in picture. I wore three coats in picture, without top coat.
Sunset Flare

After charging 30 second
Application of both polishes were smooth and dried in good time.
 I made a video for instgram is .here.
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