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Featured as Nail Artist on Rajasthan Patrika Daily News Paper - 

Ice-cream nails featured on: Nail Art Magazine


FIFA World Cup Nails featured on: NailsMag


Peacock Feather Nails Featured on: Nailpolis


Chevron Nails Featured on: Nailpolis

Love Birds Nails Featured on: Nailpolis

St. Patrick's Day Nails Featured on: www.zoya.com

Neon Spring nails featured by: chinaglazeofficial

Neon Spring Nails featured by: Snail Vinyls

Moroccan Vinyl Nails featured by: Snail Vinyls

Cupcake Denver Swatch featured by: CupCake Polish

Vinyl Nails featured by: Snail Vinyls and SimplyNotlogical

Cup cake Polish Denver Swatch featured by: Rainbow Connection UK

Azature polish swatches featured by: Azature Beauty

 Halloween Nail Arts featured by: Bundle Monster

Bone Nail Art featured by: Nail It! Mag

Bloody Gore Nail Art featured by: Azature Beauty 

Glow In The Dark Skulls Nail Art featured by: Parrot Polish

Winner of Bundle Monster Halloween Contest 2015:


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