The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day Twenty: Water Marble

Hello Everyone!
Today's theme is Water Marble in the 31 Day Challenge. I admit it has been a long time that I have tried a water marble. Even today, I didn't had much courage to do it; So I cheated a little: I 'stamped' a water marble on my nail. So here they are-

The 31 Day Challenge: Water Marble

The stamping plate is Pueen Marble Paradise 01. The base is of three La Roy Insta Love Collection pinks:
2.@SHREYAJAIN26, and

Stamping polish is Mundo De Uñas Black.

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  1. Looks good. Never tried a water marble :-)

    1. Thanks! I find water marble hard so I stamped, but you should try it;)

  2. I saw your perfect looking watermarble in the inlinkz and had to check it out. Cheeky work, but wow it looks amazing!

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